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Comprehensive Short Term Medical Protection  
Around the clock, any Doctor or Hospital in the US.
Short term health insurance is an affordable plan, designed specifically for people who are temporarily without health insurance. Coverage can become effective as early as tomorrow, be purchased for periods as short as 30 days or up to as much as one year, and paid for in one single payment or easy monthly installments.

Temporary Staffing Companies, Small, Medium and Large Employers, PEO's
Did you know that Short term medical "is" pre-employment, new hire, and waiting period health insurance?  Don't pay another dime to new hires former COBRA administrators.  We have solutions to aid in getting benefits to new hires and also to relieve you of COBRA participants.
COBRA Administrators, TPA's, Insurance Companies
50% of the Healthy COBRA participants do not elect COBRA.  Why not offer them an alternative option immediately, rather than letting them leave on their own.  We know, we write thousands of cases monthly.  Keep them as a customer.
Seasonal Workers Protection Plans
From amusement parks and summer camps to water parks, we can accommodate them all.  We can list bill employers or have each pay individually, we are the most flexible and efficient Short term health administrator in the US. 

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